Taking CREATION Further

For  those who love working in the creative industry, who have a love and passion to create, contribute and share your energy with your audiences, No Ceiling Creatives is devoted to helping you now take your energy and output beyond where it has reached to date, all from a place of beauty and peace from within.

You don’t have to push to thrive, rather learn how to Accel your energy to maximise your output, joy and reach.

You will become the most powerful and impactful for those that you are creating for.

You will feel good and incredible.

You will be unrestricted.

You will finally be taking your energy to where it can truly be.

2023 Opportunity

Do you love to create? Do you love to perform? Do you love to have impact?

Do you feel the Truth that you can do more with your energy, your creation, your impact and that you can take it further?

And do you truly want to?

There is new energy available to all creatives now that want to take their energy further.

And we don’t just mean stamina, we don’t just mean volume, we don’t just mean reach, although all of these aspects are included, we mean your energetic capability.

This means doing things with your own unique energy that create legacy and joy.

We are at a time now where humans are evolving their potential dramatically, and this is a great thing.

This potential flows from good and love but it’s more than that, it is Awakening your Energy, Evolving it, and then Acceling it beyond there so you finally feel you are taking your energy to where it is truly capable of being, with no feeling of limit or restriction, and instead only a feeling of ever evolving potential and possibility day by day.

It will feel like a bit like being a super human, but with ease, love, joy and precision, excellence and vastness.

For we are moving into an era now where this will become possible for everyone over time.

There are so many ways evolved humans are working with energy but at Sarah Morgan Global I am especially passionate and excited about creation and performance because, boy oy boy, what a vehicle to flood-light your energy to your Audiences, to bring so much uplift, so much resonance, so much inspiration, so much joy and so much life and more so than ever, ever before.

We are at a time now where invigoration and feeling that we are full to the brim, that our boots are full of it, can and should be the expected norm. Every. Single. Day.

Our 6 month consultancy option is available for 2-5 creatives (individual, team or company) to work exclusively with myself on a private 1-2-1 basis, before widening out our own reach and impact via group offerings next year.

You will be the first creatives to access Acceler energy and, ultimately, PARADIISE energy, that will steep every aspect of what you create in magic – a real energy and one that is advancing now precisely because us humans want to do more.

But this doesn’t mean push, strive and struggle more, this means SOAR more, in utter beauty and true magnificence.

No more ‘pushing the boundaries’ that can feel tiresome, instead ‘taking your CREATION further’ from your own unique energy that will now take you further than ever before, forever more.

Not uphill, instead In Flight.

Not working all hours, instead, working less but having far more output and energetic efficiency.

Welcome to the new way to Create.

If you would like to be considered for one of our 2023 6 month private consultancy options, if you can feel the Truth of your own energy pulling you to this, then please do get in touch below.

This is a time now to take the real energy of magic; the reality of human evolvement now taking us energetically to places we have never reached before; and our ability to create new beautiful, exceptional, stunning, wow-ing new output, and to RUN with it.

Your cup will never have felt more full, and that is a promise.

Never will you been more capable, more free, more boundless.

Unleash your energy truly, now.

And know that it will be a lot of fun and totally fulfilling for you, more so than you have ever, ever experienced to date.

Join Our Movement

No Ceiling Creatives is also envisioning the start of a new dawn in our media, film and television industry, whereby war and suffering is no longer documented, whereby you don’t have to kill to make your movie dramatic. We have a responsibility in the creative world to lead by example and help trigger aspiration and love, we want to invite in a new era of film that takes this notion forward now, because times are truly and finally changing. To be a part of this forward facing creative movement and to keep abreast of everything we are doing and offering, join the No Ceiling Creatives mailing list below.

If you are interested in exploring our other broader, group and more general programmes, please take a look at the Programmes link in the main menu.

The EvolvE YOU Acceler in particular is open for enrolment currently.