MAXXIMIZE Your Manifesting Video Replay


19 September – 14 October

It is Time to Take Manifesting Understanding and Doing way, way beyond what We Have ever Taught and Shared before.

It is Time to Execute Manifesting with Assurance, Certainty and Love.

It is Time to Stop ‘hit and miss’ Manifesting, for We are All far, far Better and More Prowessful than that.

It’s just that things were Getting in the way before. Two Important things that Needed to be Addressed and Resolved.

1) WE PHYSICAL HUMANS Needed to be Able to Get to 100% High Vibration

This wasn’t Possible Before the Believe Releasing Process. But with its Arrival in 2019, We were Able to Break New Manifesting Boundaries that Humans hadn’t Been Able to Achieve Before.

2) WE PHSYICAL HUMANS Needed to be Able to Experience, Create and Generate Love and High Vibration – Always and Only

And this, for the first Time Ever, Became Possible on 29 August 2021 with the long-awaited Finalisation and Arrival of EvolvE YOU.

These Happenings Are a TRIUMPH For All.

They Open Up and Truly Enable Utter Limitlessness Now.

And with this Comes New Possibility for Manifesting and Creating Your Life, in Your Way, that You Truly Desire and Love.

There are Now New Ways to Manifest, New Energies, Energetics and Capabilities to Leverage.

It’s On like it has Never Been On Before.

Are You Ready to Play in the Environment of Evolved Manifesting?

Are You Ready to Master and Crack it? To then Go Beyond that and Excel in it?

It is Actually Really Easy once You Know how to Nail it.

In fact, Manifestiing in EvolvE YOU is the Easiest that it has Ever Been!

We Want to SharE in the way that We always Do.

We want to Demystify, Simplify and Have a Lot of Fun Along the way.

Are You Coming to Join us?

If ‘Yes’, We Start on Monday 19 September.

We will Run this Focus for 4 Awesome Weeks.

We will Support in You Flowing towards and Allowing Clarity on your Emphasised Wants

We will Cover ASSURED Manifestaion with God

We will Include TARGET


It is Time to Nail all three!


We will Also Introduce GALVANIZE

GALVANIZE is an Evolved Manifesting-Specific PERFORMANCE CAPABILITY that We Want to Help You All Begin to Master and Take Forward too.

It’s going to be Awesome, and We Mean that.

We can’t Wait to Spend these 4 weeks with You.

This Programme is for Anyone Living in EvolvE YOU.

If You are yet to Live in EvolvE YOU, You can Awaken and EvolvE in the March 2023 EvolvE YOU Acceler Intensive Here

Additional Information

Our MAXXIMIZE Your Manifesting FOCUS will be Held in a Private Facebook Group

Weekly Focusses, Content and Teachings will be Shared into the Facebook Group by 10am BST on:

Monday 19 September

Monday 26 September

Monday 3 October

Monday 10 October

Weekly Q&As will be Held Every Friday at Midday BST (If you Can’t Attend Live You Can Ask Your Questions In Advance) on:

Friday 23 September

Friday 30 September

Friday 7 October

Friday 14 October

You will Have Lifetime Access to this Course and Content