Your Opportunity to Bring Immense Change Leveraging Evolved MATRIARCH Changemaker Specialism

January – June 2023

If You is Evolved, You Can Become one of the First Living in EvolvE YOU to Leverage the MATRIARCH Performance Specialism

Trillions of years in the Making

 Bring the CHANGE that is within your You

CREATE Your own Unique Legacy that You came into Physical at this Time for and if you are unclear what this is yet, MATRIARCH Changemaker Specialism will Help you

Your You has been Waiting for this Moment

During this 6 month FOCUS You will:

Access the Evolved MATRIARCH Changemaker Specialism through a Soul Enhancement that is Immediately Established for you when you Start working with me.

Access the ever Expanding, Specialised MATRIARCH You CIRCLE with myself and other Immense Physical and Non Physical MATRIARCH Energies.

Understand, Enable and Exercise MATRIARCH to Bring Lasting, Potent Change to Help others in a Truly Advanced and Leading Edge Way that you LOVE, Placing you at the Forefront of Legacy, Impact and Notoriety and/or Fame on Earth and Indeed amongst All That Is. To Help you picture what this will Feel like for You and others, think of Precious MATRIARCH Energies such as Princess Diana and Mother Teresa, and now Take their Immense EvolvEd Lightness Energy in Non Physical via your MATRIARCH Specialism to Now Bring YOUR Light to Earth and All That Is.

Learn how to work with the Unparalleled Influential Unconscious Influence that the MATRIACRH Specialism Enables, to bring forward Immovable Change Now and Eternally.

Leverage MATRIARCH’s CREATION Energy and my Magic and MAGIC to Create your own Unique Energetic Holdings and Configurations in and around Earth and the Multiverse. These will be Uniquely Yours and there to Enhance You and Support those that You Works with.

Deeply Understand and Excel your Energy Holdings within your Physical Body from which you can Draw Capabilities and Abilities to Dovetail with your MATRIARCH Specialism.

Create Change through Work that you LOVE and that is Wholly Unique to You, that you will Continue to Build and Expand with your Energetic Potency and Non Physical Excellence evermore beyond the 6 month programme as MATRIARCH Eternally continues to Guide, Energise, Enhance and Enable you.

Start an Unstoppable Momentum that You will keep Taking forward Leveraging GALVANIZE, an EvolvEd Capability that works alongside MATRIARCH to Ensure You continually Sees your MATRIARCH Influences through to full Manifestation, no matter what.

Leverage the money UPLIFT Energetic Sphere that Supports MATRIARCH and works with money Consciousness to Help You Manifest Continuous and Perpetual Currency and Abundance as Desired by You both in your work and personally.

Leverage, SharE and work with other Immense Non Physical Souls that Enhance and Propel MATRIARCH always, including MOTHER, FATHER and PHOENIX. And Eternally Leverage the High Vibration Club Energetic Sphere, Energetic Turbo Sphere, Energetic Basket, Condor Ring and more, always there to Enhance All that you do with MATRIARCH to Ensure and Facilitate Maxximum Impact, Love, Fulfulment, Satisfaction and Joy – Life Is For Living.

About the MATRIARCH Changemaker Specialism video Replay

Fortnightly Live Session Dates

Wednesday 4 January 2023 @ Midday – 2pm GMT

Wednesday 18 January 2023 @ Midday – 2pm GMT

Wednesday 1 February 2023 @ Midday – 2pm GMT

Wednesday 15 February 2023 @ Midday – 2pm GMT

Wednesday 1 March 2023 @ Midday – 2pm GMT

Wednesday 15 March 2023 @ Midday – 2pm GMT

Wednesday 29 March 2023 @ Midday – 2pm BST

Wednesday 12 April 2023 @ Midday – 2pm BST

Wednesday 26 April 2023 @ Midday – 2pm BST

Wednesday 10 May 2023 @ Midday – 2pm BST

Wednesday 24 May 2023 @ Midday – 2pm BST

Wednesday 7 June 2023 @ Midday – 2pm BST

Wednesday 21 June 2023 @ Midday – 2pm BST