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At enraptured LIFE we are passionate about the Truth that Life Is For Living, and by Living we mean Feeling, Noticing, Loving, Participating and Experiencing. To feel alive, to feel like we are making the very most of this life of ours. Because if we aren’t soaking and drinking it all up, if we aren’t relishing in the every day, we are missing out on so much good and joy. Life is here to be enjoyed. We are here to feel joy. We are here to live a fulfilled and enraptured LIFE.

Let the energy shared with you through our email and YouTube eMits (links below) inspire, aide and uplift you. It is time to open up and widen out and broaden as far as possible, this one time physical life of yours. To feel amazing each day, to feel the depth and breadth of being human and alive, to feel all of the wonder and joy and magic. This is where the enrapture of LIFE lay and you can attain this also, with ease now.

Come Join us and Participate!

With LOVE, Sarah and God xx

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