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1 OCTOBER 2023 – 30 SEPTEMBER 2024

Further to my recent lives on social media, DOMAIN is something my Energy is Ready to Take Forward for the Long Term.

And at this point and moment in time, we are Calling to and Seeking Out our DOMAIN Leaders.

These Leaders will be the Physical Humans on Earth Choosing to become Lead Energies to Bring so much to Earth in terms of joy, solutions, togetherness and peace.

Each Leader that comes forward will have their own area of Speciality with DOMAIN and things that they wish to do with it.

Joining the DOMAIN Leaders 12 month Programme will set you up to be able to take your own Aspirations with DOMAIN forward, whilst also forging relationships and community with those others who are participating.

This community is something you will Cherish Forevermore.

What is DOMAIN?

DOMAIN is an Immense Energetic Holding Beyond our Multiverses.

It represents significant opportunity for our Earth, an Opportunity that as of yet has not been tapped into.

What is this Opportunity?

It is to Draw Knowledge, Understanding, Insight and Energy Sequences from any and every part of our Multiverse to help better our living, to help bring us new solutions.

Think environmental, think more human equality and peace, think new answers and ways to do things that only bring Good to our planet.

Think of the developing of a world that we have always envisioned: loving, thriving, collaborative and free.

This is what DOMAIN Represents and will now help to Facilitate here on Earth.

It is Time.

It is what we have been Waiting for.

It has arrived.


The DOMAIN Leaders Programme will run across 12 months and each month Training and Education will be released and there will be extremely close support from Sarah to help Take your Energy to Where you Choose it to be with DOMAIN.

There will be Support from Non Physical also, in particular God, Salí and Nelson Mandela.

This will be a close and beautiful way of working. It will not be energetically taxing on you, we will ensure this.

Your Insight, adeptness and capability will be amplified with ACCELER Energy through the 12 months and always beyond this.

DOMAIN Leaders represents a beautiful sharing of energy, momentum and discovery moving forward for those that choose to participate.

The DOMAIN Leaders will be listed on the Ultimate DOMAIN website and Accredited.

And then you will continue to Flourish forward from there.

Think a Fresh and Right for this Time coming together of Lead DOMAIN energies and experts.

This is what you will be a part of should you Choose to Participate.

With the added option of ongoing direct support and love from us moving forward beyond the programme also.

You will love exploring DOMAIN, you will TRUST what you Receive and you will build confidence and adeptness so that you can move forward in your own area(s).

Should there be a time that Sarah steps back for any period in the further future, God, Sali and Nelson will continue to support.

But ultimately, this is a gathering of Leaders for the Long Term physically.

You may want to teach, spread the word, write your own books about aspects of DOMAIN after the programme, and so it is also important that you know that you will always have the option to gain access to direct ongoing support beyond the 12 month foundation year via an optional rolling £200 a month fee which will hold your energy with ours as we continue to support you. You may not wish for this, but it will always be there for you as an option to stay with, or to dip in and out of as you like.


There will be a masterclass every month that can be attended live or on replay. (We expect different time zone attendance and so there will be no disadvantage whatsoever if you watch on replay. Questions and answers will be facilitated separately and outside of the Zoom masterclasses).

There will be lots of support and sharing to help all who GATHER on the programme.

It will be a very close and intimate 12 months of working alongside Sarah, God, Salí and Nelson.

So much joy and discovery, plus ease and precision facilitated via ACCELER.

At this stage, we hold back on more specificity because each month we will flow freely with what is needed and wanted. But you will get a masterclass each month to then go away and work from with very close Q&A support as an absolute minimum.

The financial investment for the 12 months is 12 x monthly payments of £200. There is also the option to pay the in full upfront amount of £2,400.

We will start on 1 October 2023. We expect familiar and even a few new faces to come and GATHER.

Then from 1 October 2024, you will be able to remain accessing our close support and guidance as and when you desire it for a fee of £200 a month.

Think Community. Think Family. Think LOVE. Thing CHANGE. Think PEACE.

This will be a beautiful, gradual and peace filled rising of DOMAIN Insight, Use and Engaging on Earth.

Remember, we are no longer in ‘Go Get’ energy, we are operating from Peace and Bliss and PARADIISE, and so this is where you will have your most exceptional output and experiences with DOMAIN. Isn’t that beautiful?


In addition to the monthly fee, we anticipate and foresee the need to fulfil some closer 1-2-1 work also. This is optional, and whether you opt for this or not, you will be fully equipped and accredited by 30 September 2024. But these opportunities will be there for any who want to explore even more deeply and to work even more closely and intensively with Sarah. These 1-2-1 options could be for 1 month or 3 months, depending on what is wanted. All DOMAIN Leaders, should they Desire it, will have ACCESS to these additional opportunities throughout the 12 month programme (and most likely beyond also!).


You will also naturally Awaken, EvolvE and ACCEL to PARADIISE (if you have not yet) just by your Participation.

This will give you the very Greatest Energetic Advantage so that you can work with DOMAIN and Take it Forward in your own Passion and Speciality.


This isn’t about Saving the World, for it does not Need Saving.

This isn’t about Compromising your Energy and Living in order to Help others.

ACCELER Enables a New way to work, which is fuelled through Bliss and Peace and utter Choice.

Beyond the 12 months, you will take DOMAIN forward in your own way, if, as and when you Choose.

The Reason for DOMAIN is Accelerated FREEDOM, and this FREEDOM Starts with You.


Think of DOMAIN as an utterly Freeing, Life Enriching, Joy Filled Journey forward for you.

Feel our Family Energy that will Establish and Remain.

Love that we will be a Community.

There is no Pressure, no Push. This we want to reassure you.

There is only Joy in discovering and unveiling what DOMAIN has to offer to Physical Humans on our Earth and Helping to Lead the Way with this.


‘Our World, What Comes Next’ will be written and published throughout this 12 month DOMAIN Leaders programme.

We may work individually or collaboratively beyond 30 September 2024.

We will always have our Together Energy as we make the very most of Living here Physically on this Earth.

DOMAIN, now in tandem with new ACCELER Energy, represents Exploration, Discovery and Jaw Dropping and Magnificent Insight and Freedom to move forward with in the way that feels Best to you.

DOMAIN Can Fulfil You and contribute so much to your Physical Living and Experience.


If this Calls to you, we would utterly Love for you to Join us.

So Take some Time, Feel if this Feels Good and Right to You and if it does, you can Secure your Place on the DOMAIN Leaders Programme Below.

We Start on 1 October 2023.

With Love, Sarah, God, Salí and Nelson.

And if you have any questions please email Sarah here or book a free Clarity Call here

DOMAIN Leaders Monthly Masterclass Dates For Your Diary

Monday 2 October 2023

Monday 6 November 2023

Monday 4 December 2023

Tuesday 2 January 2024

Monday 5 February 2024

Monday 4 March 2024

Monday 1 April 2024

Monday 6 May 2024

Monday 3 June 2024

Monday 1 July 2024

Monday 5 August 2024

Monday 2 September 2024


 Can I stop if I find I am not liking the programme?

We don’t expect this to ever happen by the way! And so the short answer is ‘no’. This is why we encourage to take some time to ensure this Feels Right and Good to You before you Commit to the 12 month Programme. Feel. But also Know and Consider that there will never be a Programme or Opportunity to work in this way again. DOMAIN Leaders represents the Foundation from which all who attend will Take DOMAIN Forward in Choice.

Do I have to work with DOMAIN forever after the DOMAIN Leaders Programme?

To be clear the answer to this is ‘no’. You are free to work with it whenever and however much you Desire, it is your Ultimate Choice and Life.

Also here we just want to say that Opportunity will likely come to you off of the back of being an Accredited DOMAIN Leader, that is yours to consider and make Choice on.

There is no obligation beyond the 12 month DOMAIN Leaders Commit.

The ongoing rolling monthly fee is just there for you if you Choose it and will ensure you still maintain direct access to Sarah if you desire it, as you progress forward.

Can I promote my Accreditation?

The answer is a big yes! At the end of the 12 months you can promote away and you will also be promoted on Sarah’s website also and any future central site that she forms to support the bringing forward of DOMAIN’s Insight and Understanding to Earth.