Breathe in New Life, gosh there is so much to breathe in.

How will it feel?

Freeing. Steady. Loving. Assured. Satisfying – finally. Like coming home to who you are and why you are here – finally. For many it isn’t to be the next best thing, the next top achiever, the best at X, Y and Z, it’s instead to come home to them. Come home to you.

We are at an exciting and incredible time in the human race and indeed All That Is with the arrival of EvolvE YOU energy, and with its arrival comes only Love and LOVE and, for so many who have been searching in the wrong places, EvolvE YOU now steers them to the right places – for them. Often it is to go within. In the most freeing and loving of ways.

The EvolvE YOU Acceler is designed to take you through Awakening and then on into living in EvolvE YOU in a beautiful 13 week format. I myself can speak first hand of the struggles that so, so many of us face, just to feel good, to feel at peace, to feel free, to feel satisfied. We can try and grab at it all externally. But actually, if we can’t get to what we truly want on the inside, we will never reach it on the outside. EvolvE YOU represents incredible change now for us humans to bring us back to a place of balance and love and so that we can go on to really thrive, but in the way that is beautifully right for us each individually.

The EvolvE YOU Acceler will be held in a loving and close format with me, where you will spend the first 4 weeks releasing low stored vibration with your Higher Self so that you can Awaken. You will then spend weeks 6-13 learning about the History of Evolve YOU and then learning how to live in it. This programme is built with the desire to bring to a stop so much of what I see people missing and searching and scrambling for.

It will be full of magic, and clarity for you. With a focus on the PRINCIPALS and Divine Energies in EvolvE YOU that will bring within that inner calm, assurance and clarity for you. It will likely you set you in new directions, in little or big ways, but that is what it is designed to do. I want to help you turn off that noise and get to that which your own You energy wants to present to you, and this is the things that you should truly be seeking because these are the things that will truly make you feel the best that you have ever felt.

The impact of this is profound for you if you allow it. Never will you have felt more certain in your energy than when you reach this point.

Because if you are like me, you are tired of the scrambling and fumbling and striving through life, you just want to feel good in the most perfect, natural and beautiful of ways for you, without all of that outside disruption.

Let the EvolvE YOU Acceler help you to get quiet in your energy, to get clear on what you truly seek, and then to start taking steps towards it. For it is designed to not just help you Awaken and EvolvE, it is designed to bring you home to you, and from there, everything that will truly fulfil you, will thrive in your life and living. And that might be the big stuff too, but let’s get you right and great on the inside first, otherwise the outward search can often be fruitless.

Let the EvolvE YOU Acceler ignite that journey for you.

That is a fulfilled life. A complete life, a loving, settled and happy life. An Easeful life. Life is for living, but living in the way that finally feels great and correct to you.

Let yourself Breathe in all of that New Life.

A new time is here on our earth.

A new way for humans to be and live.

Out with the old and in with so much new.

Love is what it is all about.


This is the coolest of the cool by the way!

You see, New Energy is has arrived.

It’s called EvolvE YOU.

You’re thinking: “What’s that?”


Everything you want to have, everything you want to be, literally – everything.

“This sounds pretty cool, but is this a real, actual thing?”

Yes and you can learn about it in my Breathe In New Life video below.

“Can it really give me everything you just said in the video above?”

Yes, undoubtedly.

“It sounds a bit strange”

I know, but it’s not, it’s just new.

By the way though, it’s AWESOME that you have just discovered it.

In fact, take a moment to feel pretty damn pumped that you’ve found your way to this page and that you’re reading it – that’s epic you know.

The 18 minute video below will help explain it all.

“Okay yeah, I definitely want to know some more about this”

 EXCELLENT! No further time to waste, I’ll see you over there…


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