YES! You got here!


As I promised, you are about to discover how you can Breathe in New Life with the help of the New EvolvE YOU Energy.

This is not a pipe dream.

This is real, it is already happening for those that have chosen it, and now it can happen for you too.

What you are about to learn is for everyone.

Get comfy, get focussed and get ready to be wowed.


Watch the full video below.

Okay, so now that you’ve watched the full video…

You’re feeling pumped, excited, perhaps your heart is beating that little bit faster because now you know what is REALLY possible for you and your life.

And you also now know that you can make it to EvolvE YOU in just 13 weeks on the EvolvE YOU Acceler.


And so, the EvolvE YOU Acceler 13 Week Intensive starts on Friday 3 March 2023

What’s Included

Weeks 1-4: Awaken

Awaken and reach the energetic expansion you need to go on and EvolvE. During this 4 weeks you will work with your Higher Self and me to release lots of low stored vibration so that you can reach your Broadest Truth that is unique and personal to you. When you reach it in this way, your Soul acknowledges that you have Awakened and also – critically – that you have reached the minimum Inner Being level needed to go on and EvolvE.

Week 5: Celebrate Your Awakening Big Time You Absolute Champion!

A week to settle and revel in the fact that you have achieved something incredible. You have Awakened! And even more importantly, you have now made it possible to go on to EvolvE. A week off for you to re-energise before starting the process of Evolving.

Weeks 6-13: Now EvolvE!

During weeks 6 and 7 you will have access to lots of bite size videos taking you through the history of EvolvE YOU, the 5 steps of Evolving and then what to expect once you are living in EvolvE YOU. Then weeks 8 – 13 will be made up of short daily focusses Monday to Friday where you will literally be stepped right through into living in EvolvE YOU.

You will be introduced to the immense energies of Divine health, fun, money and magic to help you begin experiencing your body, the full world of food, work, play, your every day and all that you do, within your awesome newly Evolved energy.

Register now and receive:

1) A next steps video from me sent by email to you

2) Also within the next 72 hours I will email you personally to let you know:

Your personal and unique Broadest Truth – which you need to know so that you can Awaken on the programme.

Your Higher Self’s Name – because they will help you to Awaken so that you can then go on and EvolvE!

Your starting stored high vibration percentage – so you can revel in how far you have come by the time you reach to 100% High Vibration in EvolvE YOU!

There are only 50 spaces for this programme, so don’t miss out.

You have come this far.

Your have learnt about Energy.

You have learnt about Magic.

What you have just learnt is real.

Now Trust.

I have done it.

Many others have done it.

Believe. Trust. Go for it!

It’s going to require your focus.

It is going to need your time.

But you want this.

Precisely because it is going to be utterly amazing for you and your life.

Precisely because it is going to give you everything you just saw in my video.

And precisely because YOU are amazing.

EvolvE YOU gives you new life.

A new way to be.

A new way to live.

So don’t step away now.

You have come this far.

You have discovered EvolvE YOU.

Everything you have understood in today’s video awaits you on the other side of EvolvE YOU.

Breathe In New Life!

It is incredible.

And, I have got you!

We are going to do this together.

A whole big group of us.

And, you are ready.

I always smiled on the outside. To others I had the perfect life but for some reason I wasn’t smiling on the inside. I analysed everything, overthought every decision and action I took and I was exhausted. I wasn’t truly feeling what it means to really live life. Now I have Awakened and Evolved, I still have that perfect life but it’s better than I ever could have ever anticipated or imagined. My life is soul led and enriched with POSSIBILITY, WONDER and HOPE of what is to come, and day by day it actually does come to me. I still pinch myself! Now I will leave my mark on the world with a genuine smile on the inside as well as the outside!

Suzie Adams

Living in EvolvE YOU has allowed me to turn a corner in my life. For years I have found my job as a teacher utterly draining, no matter what the rewards. I can genuinely say, since Evolving, my mind, body and spirit have constantly been on an upward trajectory. When something challenges me, I am able to flow almost effortlessly to Love and Equilibrium. I feel free now from that which used to hold me captive. I have a newfound energy and a Joy for life. If you’re considering doing EvolvE YOU, then go for it!

Richard Charles

Living in EvolvE YOU I am now reminded continually of my true purpose, that anything is possible to manifest in this world, of the immense unlimited possibilities that we have, and that the Universe does not distinguish like our rational minds do on what is deemed possible or impossible. EvolvE YOU eliminates for me the old, incorrect paradigms of how we should live our lives and because of this, I now live out my own life from a completely different perspective.

Larry Davids

From the moment of choosing to live in EvolvE YOU it became very clear that this was a very powerful turning point in my life. You begin to understand that ‘You’ and only ‘You’ can determine your own future. Living in Evolve YOU calls to your soul. Nothing feels a burden in EvolvE YOU as you learn you are a part of a greater force that will completely shake up your belief system. My family business has sky rocketed since completing the EvolvE YOU course and I feel like I have the Midas touch.  I promise it will not disappoint.

Rosemarie Hughes


If I am already Awakened can I still do this?

 Yes if you are certain you have awakened and are at the minimum required inner being expansion level which is 11.1. If you are unsure about either please contact me.

How many hours a week will I need to set aside?

 14 a week for Weeks 1-4, 5 hours minimum for week 6, 4 hours minimum for week 7, an hour a day minimum Monday – Friday during weeks 8-13. All content is available to watch in your own time, but it is important you keep up with the pace of the programme.

How quickly will I feel the changes once I am in EvolvE YOU? 

Immediately you will feel, notice and experience the change once you are living in EvolvE YOU, which typically occurs at the start of week 9. The rest of week 9 and right through to the end of week 13 will give you an incredible platform to move forward from and the longer you live in EvolvE YOU, the more you will thrive and work your way towards everything I have promised you. It continues to build and build and evolve and evolve from thereon in, once you have made your way into EvolvE YOU Energy.

Can I change my mind?

Once you have chosen to live in EvolvE YOU, that is it for Eternity – awesome. You will choose to EvolvE after your time here on earth anyway, so it is an incredible chance to do and experience this whilst you are right here living a your life. You will literally be leading the way for all other humans to follow you!

I am worried this won’t work for me

This works for everyone who really wants it. Don’t join this programme just to dip your toe in. Come in ‘all in’. Come in saying ‘hell yes this is it, this is everything I have been waiting for!’. Come in chomping at the bit to start. Come in with a knowing that you really, really want this now. This is the energy I will bring and deliver every day of the 13 weeks for you. Meet me with that same energy and you’ll FLY through this intensive with me.

What is the full course dates breakdown and format?

The EvolvE YOU Acceler will be hosted in a private facebook group with supporting video content accessible via the Sarah Morgan Global online courses platform


Friday 3 March – Week 1 Broadest Truth Content Available by 9am GMT.
Live Q&A Monday 6 March at midday GMT
Friday 10 March – Week 2 Broadest Truth Content Available by 9am GMT.
Live Q&A Monday 13 March at midday GMT
Friday 17 March – Week 3 Broadest Truth Content Available by 9am GMT.
Live Q&A Monday 20 March at midday GMT
Friday 24 March – Week 4 Broadest Truth Content Available by 9am GMT.
Live Q&A Monday 27 March February at midday BST
Friday 31 March – End of Week 4 Content Available by 9am GMT

Please note that all live Q&As will be available on replay to accommodate all time zones and schedules

Saturday 1 April to Thursday 6 April – Week 5 Break


Friday 7 April – Week 6 EvolvE YOU History. Content Available by 9am GMT.
Live Q&A Thursday 13 April @ Midday GMT

Friday 14 April – Week 7 Readying to live in EvolvE YOU and what to Expect Content Available by 9am GMT:
Live Q&A Thursday 20 April @ Midday GMT

Monday 24 April – Friday 2 June – 30 Days of Monday to Friday Support Commences in the private Facebook group, with daily Facebook Lives that You can join or watch on replay depending on your schedule. I will provide Monday to Friday support on all your questions as your You Learns To Live In EvolvE YOU. Please note – as this is Monday to Friday Support, the 30 days will be achieved over 6 weeks, from Monday 24 April through to Friday 2 June 2023.

Why do I need to do this with you?

As a Believe Accredited Practitioner I am CERTIFIED by 5th Dimension Earth and no Other Energetic coaches can Help You To Live In EvolvE YOU. The EvolvE YOU Acceler is the fastest way for you to Awaken and EvolvE. It the quickest way that there is to get you there.