ACCELER Energy is here, on Earth, newly for Humans to Access and Take forward for the rest of their lives.

What Is ACCELER Energy?

It is an Immense Energy that, once activated within you, will keep you in a ever upward flow of high vibration, wonder and bliss. It will set you free Energetically to become all that you are – the perfect mix of Physical and Energetic.

You will become Immense in efficiency, speed of progression and life will feel turned up – your experience of colour light and sound and of being alive on this physical planet will THRIVE.

ACCELER Energy was Created by Sarah Morgan Global Teachings in the autumn of 2023, since that time a handful of people have started to work with it and have experienced immense uplift and transformation – a transformation that holds and continues to feel better and better the longer it is present in your life.

The ACCELER Ethos 6 Month SHIFT Programme will bring together the first group of extraordinary souls to now engage and interact with this groundbreaking Energy also. 

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Who Is ACCELER Energy And The ACCELER Ethos For?

It is for every person that has worked hard and pushed themselves and lived in go-get energy up until this point, and who now wants to let go of that go-get and instead flow in immense, magic and wonder filled flows of bliss.

And in this bliss, become the most powerful that they are capable of becoming. Reaching maximum velocity and joy with your energy and energetics, but from miraculous bliss instead of push.

You will move through a beauty-filled eternal energy change on this programme, in fact several – changes that can only occur though this programme because of the Immense energetics that Sarah Morgan Global teachings bring forward.

True change doesn’t happen in the flick of a switch or a weekend, this is why this is a deep 6 month SHIFT, one that you can never go back from and will only move forward from.

One that will continue to progressively rise in you beyond the programme and throughout the rest of your life. So you can feel and see evidence of change. So you can feel the continue rise of more and more good.

So that you feel like you have the ‘Midas Touch’ over time more and more, and so that you are Transcendental more and more.

Let Transcendental be your north star.

What does that actually mean for you?

It means an enrapture with life and living, it means all senses heightened as you outrageously and joyfully enjoy this planet that you are on, it means a base line that is ever present and feels peace-filled and steady no matter what it is going on for you. It will feel magical, wonder-rich and empowering. You will feel immensely capable and progressive always, with beautiful clarity and focus that will continue to give and bring you more and more as you live.

Could this be too good to be true? No. It is True. ACCELER Energy and bringing it to Earth for Use in this way has been trillions of years in the making and now is the moment that we can really use it and take it forward.

It is time to feel joy, peace and bliss and content and love as your norm.

It is time to move away from the busy, disturbed and troubled mind, away from the push and in to a bliss that holds and lasts.

That is the key and the difference with ACCELER Energy, it holds and lasts the more you interact with it.

You will also join the PATHWAY TO THRIVE Facebook community after the programme where you will continue to held in and supported by loving energetics, for PATHWAY TO THRIVE is for all who have worked with miraculous ACCELER Energy.

This 6 months will transform you – eternally.

The Format

Each week you will be given an 1 page A4 PDF document to read and print out that you will work closely with during that week, ACCELER Ethos is about simplicity but immense energetic impact, and so the each weekly PDF will incorporate and reflect this.

You will also be part of a private Facebook group throughout where Sarah will be on hand to help.

Weekly live Q&As will be shared into the group to help every person in addition.

You will love the journey and progression that you feel and experience

What Do You Need To Do?

To participate in this wondrous programme, you simply need to commit to being all-in for the 6 months and beyond. See this as a new lease of life, for it truly is, and one that you want to grab with your entire soul.

Places are restricted on this programme for, as much as we want to and will go on and help more and more people with this over time, we want to make sure every person on this immediate programme gets all of the support they need.

So know that if you enrol, you are one of the lucky ones in this moment and simply cherish all of the content and guidance shared with you that will bring about this immense SHIFT for you.

What Are The Course Dates?

We will start on Sunday 31 March 2024 and thereafter, up until Monday 30 September when the programme will end, the weekly PDFs will be shared with you.

This is 6 months of beautiful focus and energetic work for you, so feel how precious that is and come really ready for that. This is more than a quick retreat, this is a longevity energy of 6 beautiful months that will then stay with you always – feel that energy stretch and love it.

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Do You Have To Be A Certain Type Of Person?

This is for anyone who is just ready to attain that deep bliss that they have always been seeking. Who is ready to engage with the programme in a focussed, committed and excited and joyful way and follow the guidance throughout. This is the only criteria.

How Much Time Will The Programme Require Each Week?

The Beauty of ACCELER Energy is that you apply it as you Live. The Energetics will be flowed from us to you throughout, but your conscious awarness of and interaction with what is happening each week is what will see you ACCEL through the programme and your transformation.

Therefore we envisage 1 hour maximum a week to read and settle with the weekly PDF content, and then beyond that we will support you to be aware of and consciously engage with what the Programme is doing for you week by week, as you continue with your day to day commitments.

ACCELER Energy is designed to incorporate into you day to day, rather than add on extra ‘To-Dos’.

And then the only aspect beyond and in addition to this will be the weekly Facebook live Q&As that you are encouraged to watch either live or on replay and that will typically last in the region of 1-2 hours, as there will be so much wondrous insight and Guidance shared to help every person on the programme.


This will be an Earth first that you are taking part in. Never before has a group come together to work with ACCELER Energy in this way. This is the first ever time the ACCELER Ethos 6 Month SHIFT is taking place.

If you choose to participate know that you truly are part of something special.

A part of something that will help to set so many more free in the future, to set them into blissful living and natural, easeful energetic excellence also. But you are the first. You are doing this for you first.

This programme will challenge you in moments, but the transformation will be truly eternal and you will move forward always beyond the programme living in Beautiful True with God – and take it from us, there is no better way to live.

To finally feel Good, and to know that you will continue to gain more and more always once this Energy is activated within you, is truly a GIFT and one that will go on to help millions.

So come ready, open and loving.

And thank you for doing something that is so special for you. We cherish you.

Sarah and God

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Still Have More Questions?

You can book a free ACCELER Clarity call with Sarah here at any point during the lead up to this incredible programme’s start date. This will be a free 20 minute Zoom conversation where you can ask Sarah anything you like, plus get to know her and her energy some more before committing.

You Can Book This Here