If you Feel a Draw to working with Acceler and ACCELER Energies it is because you have Capability within your Soul to Do So. Not everyone does, so this is Special.

The ACCELER 1-2-1 Work is unique to each individual and will Surface within you what you want to bring forward for you and others that is unique and special to you, no one else will be able to bring forth what you will be able to.

Feel this: finally bringing through what you have always wanted to energetically, that feeling of completeness and ‘this is it’, for you.

We will of course work deeply with magic, but it will be your magic, and a magic that would not be able to Surface without ACCELER.

I am limited to working with 4 people at a time in this way because it is a magical and significant energetic undertaking to do so. It will involve either 3 or 6 months of focus with fortnightly 1 hour calls on Zoom and daily interaction Monday through to Friday on Facebook messenger.

You will only be able to work with me in this way if I Receive the go-ahead that your energy is Ready.

The investment is £500 a month for this specialised work.

If you are Serious, wanting to get Started in the next month or two, and feeling that it is the Right Time to begin to Surface what your own individual energy wants to do uniquely with ACCELER and its magic, please contact me below and I will reply to you with what it is that this 1-2-1 work will start to Surface in you. You can then decide whether you are ready to start and commit, or not, from there.

All ACCELER 1-2-1 spaces are currently taken but you can still register your interest for future availability by contacting me below