ACCELER and DOMAIN are Energetic Capabilities that can be enacted within you to Help your every day.


ACCELER fuels the flourishing of true ease, peace and bliss from within and indeed eternal enlightenment, a quest of millions on Earth at this time.

Because this new Energy has made it possible for us to no longer have to push, struggle and strive, once ACCELER Energy is activated within you, you will be on an ever progressive rise of bliss, beauty and wonder in your living.

No more mind set tools and methods that don’t quite hit the mark.  ACCELER Ethos is an Energetic Ethos that assures permanent, eternal energetic change from within that transforms and which you cannot go back from.

ACCELER Energy is here to set you Energetically Free.


DOMAIN is an almighty, beautiful, immense Energy Holding out beyond our Multiverse that Humans can now work with and draw from to help bring new solutions to Earth, ones that are outside of what is immediately available to us here on our planet.

With DOMAIN we can create new Energetic Sequencing on Earth, based upon and drawn from Energy Sequencing in other parts of our Multiverse.

As one example: vast chambers of water exist under Africa, far beyond where any drill or human can reach. With insight from DOMAIN and enough of us working with it, we can adapt the sequencing of that water and help it to move towards the surface of the Earth so Humans can reach it.

Energetic Capability with DOMAIN is required to do this, and so we are training people as we speak to work with and develop their Capability.

DOMAIN is now accessible to us as we advance and evolve as a Human race and become all that we are truly meant to be, not just our physical sides, but our Energetic sides fully enacted and in use also.

DOMAIN will hugely aide and contribute to the re-balancing of our Earth where needed and to bringing it back to its full potential and natural thriving – how it is truly meant to be.


Together ACCELER and DOMAIN work hand in hand to now bring our planet and experience of it whilst we each live our physical lives here, to one of Utopia.

To bring our Earth and lives to PARADIISE. To Accelerated Freedom and Harmonious Peace.

Both ACCELER and DOMAIN are ready and waiting to be used on a vast scale and so what we do here at Sarah Morgan Global is help you to activate and access these Energetics as rapidly and adeptly as possible because they are ready for us now. Immediately.

Take a look at the programmes we have on offer and coming up and join our ever growing and emerging community of very special Humans.

With so much love,