There is a new way to live and be now. New possibilities that are accessible to us as we EvolvE and Progress.

Never before have we been able to become as energetically adept as we are able to become now.

There is a whole big world out there and not just on this physical plane. There is a whole world of new energy and capabilities that are accessible to us.

To make our lives so much easier, a lot more efficient, happy and effective, to take us to bliss and peace and successful living in a way that enriches us, rather then tires and batters us.

This is a time for new hope now and, for all who want it, new expectations.

We don’t have to keep striving in order to thrive. We can flow now with immense new energy that will bring us to magic every single day, for magic is a real energy that has remained untapped and out of reach for the last few generations.

But magic has advanced over that time, in a way that we can now do so much more with it.

Sarah Morgan Global is all about magic and using it, but on a vast and uninhibited scale.

Specialising in Evolving your own energy and expanding it so you can ACCEL to PARADIISE is what we are about.

Because so many of us have been holding on to and never giving up on finding that utopia of living and life. A life that IS easeful, that IS abundant, that IS joyful and that is blissful.

It wasn’t too good to be true. We weren’t day dreamers. We never let go of that aspiration and, it is because of us, that ACCELER and PARADIISE Energies now exist here for us to use to compliment and vastly enhance our every day lives.

These energies are ready and waiting to be used now on a great scale.

And who are they for? They are for everyone that has pushed and strived and worked hard to date, and who now want to move away from that which can feel like chasing your tail and just existing, and towards a life of bliss and eternal enlightenment.

What you are reading and have discovered here is Precious and it is precisely for you to now claim.

It’s all yours for the taking.

Everything we do and share here, is with this reason and this purpose.

For  those who love working in the creative industry, who have a love and passion to create, contribute and share your energy with your audiences, No Ceiling Creatives is devoted to helping you now take your energy and output beyond where it has reached to date.

You don’t have to push to thrive, rather learn how to Accel your energy.

enraptured LIFE eMits are energy broadcasts shared through email and YouTube.

They are fresh and relevant for this new time where so many are wanting to slow down, let go of the racing towards things and trying to cram so much in.

enraptured LIFE now invites you to pause, notice, slow down and to take it all in.

Life Is For Living – let enraptured LIFE eMits help flow you to this.

For those who have always believed in magic…

PATHWAY TO THRIVE is a facebook group that is lovingly dedicated to those that have worked with me to access Precious ACCELER and PARADIISE Energies.