EvolvE YOU is the pathway to all you’re wanting

To feeling good consistently

To reaching 100% High Vibration

To always manifesting what you truly want

To becoming truly limitless

To bringing peace and harmony within and to this world

EvolvE YOU brings you to true change

Change that holds and lasts

Change that will heighten your experience of living

Change that will bring happiness and freedom to you and ultimately all

Change that will enhance you energetically and physically

Change that will make you one of the most expanded, loving, satsisfied and fulfilled humans on this Earth

Never has there been a more exciting and prolific time to live


EvolvE YOU is the new Energy for this time and eternity, for every human to choose to live in

In EvolvE YOU, you can only experience, generate and create High Vibration and love

God has been working at creating EvolvE YOU for trillions and trillions of years to better our living

To bring us, finally, to a point where fear and low vibration can now stop

And now it is here

And it is for everyone

EvolvE YOU is all about feeling great, living to your maximum capacity and potential that is true and right to you, and creating a life that you completely love

It is leading edge

It is destiny for all to ultimately choose

And you can be among the first to choose now whilst you are alive and physical here on this earth

EvolvE YOU is wondrous, immense and above all, beautiful

It is everything and everywhere that you want to be

In EvolvE YOU life is good

In EvolvE YOU you live in a new way

And as you do so you help to lead the way, peacefully and lovingly for all

Sarah Morgan Global

I am dedicated to helping as many people as possible to EvolvE and then, beyond that, to thrive from within because, as I myself have experienced first hand having walked this path myself, this is when Life and Living truly starts and then lasts – eternally

Join in the current How To Find Peace In A Busy World Focus happening on enraptured LIFE YouTube now here

enraptured LIFE eMits are energy broadcasts shared through email and YouTube, in a modern and shared energy with God.

They are fresh and relevant for this new time where so many are wanting to slow down, let go of the racing towards things and trying to cram so much in.

enraptured LIFE now invites you to pause, notice, slow down and to take it all in.

Life Is For Living – let enraptured LIFE eMits help flow you to this.

This is a time when many are feeling tired and ragged from the busy throes of the outside world and are ready to slow down and find a joy in their life where they can, finally, thrive from within.

PATHWAY TO THRIVE is a facebook group is lovingly dedicated to those that want to now find their path to true inner peace, fulfilment and satisfaction – eternally.

You don’t have to strive to thrive. Still your mind, give yourself the space here within this group to get to a clearing amidst all of the noise, so that you can once and for all move to clarity over what you are truly seeking in life because, without this, internal peace evades you.

For  those who love working in the creative industry, who have a love and passion to create, contribute and share your energy with your audiences, No Ceiling Creatives is devoted to helping you now take your energy and output beyond where it has reached to date, all from a place of beauty and peace from within.

You don’t have to push to thrive, rather learn how to Awaken and EvolvE and then take and work with your energy and thrive from within.

If you are seeking much more calm and this approach really speaks to you, then know that this is a far more peaceful way to be, but the most energetically potent for you.

It will be the most powerful. It will feel good and incredible, in fact it will feel blissful.